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Desert of Alabama

"Why Settle for 2nd, when 1st is still available"

HPIP Dwight Coleman
Illustrious Potentate
270 Deputy Bowman
HPIP AD Bowman
Deputy of the Oasis

Malik Temple #270 Divan

270 arab
Marlon D. Ellington, HPP
Chief Rabban
G. Banks
270 HP&P
HPIP Cornelius Easter Sr.
 Assistant Rabban
Armar J. Wagner Sr., HPP
R. Hugley.png
Roderick J. Hughley
High Priest and Prophet
K. Nixon
Kenneth Nixon 
1st Ceremonial Master
Lonnie Myricks 
Oriental Guide
Muhammad Walker 
2nd Ceremonial Master
Alfred Amour Sr. 
Captain of the Guard
Omar Flowers
Outer Guard
John Harris

HPIP Courtney L. Abraham

HPIP Damon F. Bennett

HPIP Rontario S. Hicks

HPIP Steve Yearwood

HPIP James K. Sims

HPIP Dennis L. Via

HPIP David Wilson

Eric M. Gima, HPP

Duane M. Barnes

Darryl D. Bouyer

Terry L. Coley

Barry G. Collins

Amorris Conley

Aljeron "Al" Dixon

Bertram L. Duff

Stan D. Frierson

Michael A. Froelich

Michael Graeber

William Greenlaw

Aldophus R. Gwynn

Roderick L. Harris

Shommond O. Harris

Deven L. Hawkins

Patrick Hayes

Percy Horn

Christopher F. Jackson

James E. Jackson

Bryan Jenkins

Arthur Jones

Klonaris K. Ingram

Willie E. Keller

James Kendrick

Erick D. Kennedy

Eric Kitchens

Fred B. Lawrence

Emanuel Lott,Sr.

Clarence E. McKinnon

Gregory L. Moore

Rodrick Patterson Jr.

James (Mario) O. Peoples

Boyce A. Pittman Jr.

Freddie Pulphus

Fredrick Sibley

Jamie R. Thomas

Lucius J. Thomas

Jerome Womack

Michael Youngblood

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