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Desert of Alabama

Shaaban Temple #103

103 Logo_edited.png
Kofee Anderson
Illustrious Potentate
M. Jones
James "Murry" Jones, PP
Deputy of the Oasis

Shaaban Temple #103 Divan

Image 4 Falando Jenkins.png
K. Hardin
M. Ector
Kelvin Anderson 
Chief Rabban
Kristopher Hardin
Assistant Rabban
Sean Macon
High Priest and Prophet
Marcus Ector
Oriental Guide
Kevon Chesson
Falando Jenkins
Brian Smith
1st Ceremonial Master
Frank Benefield
2nd Ceremonial Master
Sam Yu
Captain of the Guard
Curtis Graves
Outer Guard
K. Chesson
F. Jenkins
B. Smith
F. Benefield
K. Graves

PP Walter Lacey


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