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Desert of Alabama

Mizraim Temple #119

D. Card
Dexter Card
Illustrious Potentate
PNG image-15C4D33224D8-1.png
Illya Card
Deputy of the Oasis

Mizraim Temple #119 Divan

Cheif Rabban Fulson Floyd Sr_edited.png
Fulsom Floyd Sr.
Chief Rabban
Assistant Rabban Willie Bell Jr_edited.png
Willie Bell
Assistant Rabban
High Priest and Prophet Mark Mcdowell_edited.png
Mark McDowell
High Priest and Prophet
Treasurer PP Xavian Stroud_edited.png
Xavian Stroud
Recorder Avery Martin_edited.png

Avery Martin


1st Ceremonial Master Cedric Pontoo_edited.png
Cedric Pontoo
1st Ceremonial Master
Captain of the Guard Eric Sands_edited.png
Eric Sands
Captain of the Guard
Sheridan Brown
Outer Guard
Oriental Guide Dale Brown_edited.png
Dale Brown
Oriental Guide
2nd Cermonial Master Roosevelt Williams_edited.png
Roosevelt Williams
2nd Ceremonial Master
Marshal Rodney Allen_edited.png
Rodney Allen 
Outer Guard

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