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Desert of Alabama

Welcome to the home of the Nobles and Daughters of the Desert of Alabama. We hope that you find our website to be user friendly, full of information, and hope that we have the opportunity to interact with you. Thanks for visiting!

Imperial Deputies of/for the Desert of Alabama


H.P.I.P. Clarence D. Washington

Palestine Temple #18

Oasis of Mobile


P.C. Veronica Hampton-Oates

Al Azhar Court #181

Oasis of Huntsville

Around the Desert

  • Al Azhar #181 Bicycle Unit Tea
    Sun, Apr 23
    Douglas Tabernacle
    Apr 23, 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
    Douglas Tabernacle , 1429 Cavalry Street Northwest, Huntsville, AL 35816, USA
  • Mizraim #119 Western Dance
    Sat, Apr 29
    Tuskegee Municipal Complex
    Apr 29, 7:00 PM – Apr 30, 11:00 PM
    Tuskegee Municipal Complex, 101 Fonville St, Tuskegee, AL 36083, USA
  • Al Azhar Temple No. 195 Potentate Ball Weekend
    Jun 09, 12:00 PM – Jun 10, 11:50 PM
    NSS Facility, 6001 Pulaski Pike, Huntsville, AL 35810, USA
  • Shaaban Joint Ball Weekend
    Fri, Jun 23
    Jun 23, 8:00 AM – Jun 25, 12:00 PM
    Montgomery, Montgomery, AL, USA
    Save the Date!
  • Al Azhar Court #181 Commandress Ball
    Oct 13, 8:00 AM – Oct 14, 11:50 PM
    Huntsville, Huntsville, AL, USA
    Save the Date
  • Malik #270 Potentate Ball
    Fri, Nov 10
    Embassy Suites
    Nov 10, 7:00 PM – Nov 12, 11:50 PM
    Embassy Suites, 2960 John Hawkins Pkwy, Birmingham, AL 35244, USA
  • Khedive Court #46 Commandress Ball
    Dec 01, 8:00 AM – Dec 03, 12:00 PM
    Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, USA
    Save the Date
  • 2024 Alabama Desert Conference and Gala Day
    Thu, Mar 14
    Hotel Capstone (Tuscaloosa, AL)
    Mar 14, 2024, 11:00 AM – Mar 17, 2024, 11:00 AM
    Hotel Capstone (Tuscaloosa, AL), 320 Paul W Bryant Dr, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401, USA

Team Thomas Booster Club

Friends of Team Thomas Booster Club is open to anyone who wishes to support the efforts of Dr. Corey H. Thomas, as he continues to advance in the A.E.A.O.N.M.S.


If you are interested in becoming a member of Team Thomas Booster Club you may contact: Noble Christopher Wims @


Daughter Tracy Parks @ TL7PARKS@MSN.COM

To join, fill out this form! 


Imperial Assistant Rabban

Corey H. Thomas, DBA (103) 

Deep South Coalition

The Deep South Shriners Organization. Initially organized in 1979, is comprised of the members in good standing, of constituent Shrine Temples of the A.E.A.O.N.M.S., Inc. from the Deserts of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.


Deep South Shriners Organization stands on the shoulders of those Nobles (Charles Andry, M. J. Corruth, Robert Brown, Nathaniel Cross, Calvin Kelso, E. P. Brumfield, Harry Coleman, Charles McMillan, Edgar Brunner, and all Deputies of the Deserts) that had the vision to form this organization. While many of these great Shriners have gone on to their great reward, their legacy lives on. We owe it to them to keep the concept of the Deep South Shriners Organization alive so that we may pass it down to the next generation of Nobles as our legacy to them.

Deep South

2023 Deep South Conference - April 9, 2023 - Oklahoma

2023 Deep South Desert Conference Dates:

South Carolina

March 17 - 19
March 31 - April 1
June 1 - 4
May 4 -6
April 20 - 23
April 28 -30
March 10 - 12
April 20 - 23
April 27 - 29
April 13 -16

Huntsville, AL
West Memphis, AR
Jacksonville, FL
Augusta, GA
Marksville, LA
St. Louis. MO
Broken Arrow, OK
Myrtle Beach, SC
Nashville, TN

Queen of the Desert of Alabama


Greetings Friends and Family,

Please support me in my Quest for 2022 Imperial Queen.

No amount is too small to donate.

All donations can be sent via PayPal

(please select friends and family and put in the comment section "Desert of Alabama Queen 2022 donation")




Thank you in advance for your support in my

Quest for 2023 Imperial Queen.

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Dt. Denise Ramsey
Al Sharif Court #232
Oasis of Phenix City
Desert of Alabama

Click here for EXCITING NEWS about fundraising efforts!


Temples throughout the Desert of Alabama

Khedive 2_edited.png
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Khedive #16

Oasis of Birmingham

William Garrett

Illustrious Potentate


Palestine #18

Oasis of Mobile

Dayan Broughton

Illustrious Potentate

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103 IP_edited.png
  • Facebook

Shaaban #103

Oasis of Montgomery

Kofee Anderson

Illustrious Potentate

IP 195

Al Azhar #195

Oasis of Huntsville

Lathan Strong

Illustrious Potentate

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252 IP
  • Facebook

Al Sharif #252

Oasis of Phenix City

Toby Dixon

Illustrious Potentate

  • Facebook

Ta-Seti #253

Oasis of Dothan

Larry G. Butler

Illustrious Potentate

IP 119
  • Facebook

Mizraim #119

Oasis of Tuskegee

Johnny Bailey

Illustrious Potentate

221 IP_edited.png

Al Muqit #221

Oasis of Tuscaloosa

Alchaam Jones

Illustrious Potentate

  • Facebook
270 IP
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Malik #270

Oasis of Bessemer

Dwight Coleman

Illustrious Potentate


Courts throughout the Desert of Alabama


Khedive #46

Oasis of Birmingham

Jamiese Glass

Illustrious Commandress

49 IC.png

Palestine #49

Oasis of Mobile

Michell Crum

Illustrious Commandress

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Shaaban #126

Oasis of Montgomery

Lenora White

Illustrious Commandress

  • Facebook

Al Muqit #199

Oasis of Tuscaloosa

April Lewis

Illustrious Commandress

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Al Sharif #232

Oasis of Phenix City

Nakkia Mack

Illustrious Commandress

  • Facebook
IC 110.png
  • Facebook

Mizraim #110

Oasis of Tuskegee

Althea Tate
Illustrious Commandress


Al Azhar #181

Oasis of Huntsville

Brenda Hose

Illustrious Commandress

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Ta Seti #234

Oasis of Dothan

Edith Clemons

Illustrious Commandress

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